Book review: Emanare by Taryn Browning

Author: Taryn Browning
Title: Emanare
Series: Destined #1
Genre: Young adult, Paranormal romance
My copy: e-book received by author for review
My rating: 4 stars
Samantha Campbell is born into an extraordinary family of females. Only she is different from her ancestors...Sam wakes in a Baltimore bar missing memories of her college life. Now the target of a demonic presence, she learns she is a weapon designed by evil to destroy her family’s divine fate. The demon royalty will do anything to ensure Sam’s loyalty to their cause. But Sam is tough. She refuses to give in without a fight and partners with a secret group of students to regain her memories and rewrite her destiny.
My thoughts
I really liked this book! It was sweet, exciting and funny at times. But I didn't think it would be anything less. I enjoy Browning's writing style and loved Dark seeker so I was sure I would like this one and I did. 
Sam our heroine has problems, not only has she lost her memory but she is juggling feelings for three guys! I just found that a bit funny because she is so confused by her feelings and frustrated because she has no memory for any of them. The author did a great job with describing how confused she feel and you don't know if you should laugh because to be honest it is kind of funny at times or if you should feel sorry for Sam and the guys. I just mostly felt bad for her. 
I really liked Sam and all her issues. She has no memory but she doesn't let that stop her and she is relying a lot on her intuition and her gut feelings and to be honest I would have to if I were in the same situation but it is also what is causing her major confusion. 
I love the guys (eh, not the demon but the other two) and I still haven´t decided who I like best.  They are both dreamy and really good to Sam but in different ways. 
But even though this is a love story in a way with a big triangle over their heads it is mostly focused on a really big threat against Sam. And her destiny becomes clearer and clearer as Sam starts to remember more and more with a little help from her friends and all the boys in her life.
This was a fun exciting read that I had no problem reading in a day and a half. It had kind of a fast pace but not too fast just enough to keep you interested. I never found it slow or boring. It was a great read and I am so looking forward to read book 2 in this series and see what happens to Sam who has a lot of problems to deal with in a near future!
A little teaser:
"Would you like to come over to my house for breakfast?" The tips of his fingers made their way down to her neck. "Uh - What?"
She could barley respond. Her legs curled into a ball and she clutched her pillow in her hand. "Are you even breathing?" He laughed and pulled her hair back over her exposed neck."
"Yes." She lied.